This story, “Inspiration,” is about a woman, Kayla, who is a dynamic Art teacher. 

She ponders fresh ideas for new lessons to use with her students. 

Kayla is the tree, (her legs are shaped like the roots of the tree). 

The fish swimming in the water beneath her represent fertile ideas.

The ideas swim along the waters edge.

Good ideas are caught and stocked in the boat.  

But the inspirational ideas (fish) jump up and out of the water with great force and are caught by the boy in the tree (the boy is also Kayla reaching for that great idea!)   

Kayla’s ideas (now birds), continue to fly upward toward the moon.

The hearts around the moon represent Kayla’s loving nature. 

Kayla is drawn to anything that is heart shaped.

Even the diamond in her engagement ring is a charming heart shape.

The stars around the moon and the star-filled sky symbolize the woman’s interest in the zodiac.