The piano in this picture dominates the living room of my in-laws, Betty and Matt. 

Playing the piano has given shape to most of Betty’s life.

When she was three years old, she sat down at the piano and started to play. 

Her family was amazed! 

She was a shy child and for Betty, playing music was good company. 

As a young woman, Betty joined Special Services, part of the U.S. Army that entertained the troops during WWII. 

Betty sang and played the piano for the troops. 

Matt and Betty met at a party 60 years ago while she was performing at the piano. 

She and her piano are best friends.  Betty still sings and plays her piano everyday.

All the pieces of furniture in this picture are distinctive, with their own personalities, which give them an animated presence.  

The furniture too has a life in the picture.

The piano is open and large.  

It is a very proper, but amiable piano, chummy in fact. 

It waits expectantly for Betty.  

The bright red chair, its friendly arms turned up in an inviting gesture awaits someone…anyone to come sit. 

Often that is where you can find Matt usually relaxed and engrossed in biographies of prominent people like Einstein or F.D.R. or (of course) listening to the pleasing sounds of  Betty’s piano. 

The barrel table stands at attention. 

The palms-out plant sits on the floor, and the large blue foliage waves in friendliness, the curled-armed chandelier waits to shine on Betty as she sits and plays.

On the wall, the painting of a far away seashore, blue and exotic, is paired with its formal tuxedo of a frame, complete with its own light.  

Melodious sounds, echoes of Betty, complete this dignified and lively space.