The story, ‘The Giving Tree,’ is about Lena.

Her hair is golden. 

In fact, baby blond and her eyes are big ‘blueberries’ that have clarity and goodness.

Lena is beautiful.

She owns a vintage clothing store and whenever a customer visits her store she greets them warmly and offers them a cup of tea.

If a customer has been to her store before, she speaks with them about her antique merchandise of maybe about spirituality.

Lena gets many repeat visitors and often gives them hugs and kisses. 

I call this place “The Kissing Store”.

Lena Talks and listens with no judgment.  People feel elevated having visited her.

Folks leave her shop feeling lighter and happier.

The tree top is full of Lena’s bounty. 

She shares much of what she has.

She gives without reserve.

The watering can is poised above the tree to show that Lena nurtures herself. 

She replenishes herself and that is how she can be so giving of herself.

The mystical creatures flying in the air show her magical essence.

This scene takes place in a rural farm setting with a red barn, a rooster and a horse.

This setting shows Lena’s love for nature. (The original collage from which this giclee was made, was created with some vintage fabrics.)

The red and white background, the black flower border ribbon among a few others).