Carol Zimny: "Life Story Art"
Vibrant Stories of the Human Condition

"Life Story" is a collage series depicting stories of the human condition, containing scenes that we all experience. It focuses on seeing people in their own environments, showing that humans have much in common - yet each of us is unique.

Rich colors and numerous details portray personal life stories that pull viewers into the picture so they have a sense of "visiting" for a while. I use candy-colored combinations of fabrics that evoke a sense of 'flavor.' I also integrate optical effects that provide harmony - or a visual 'pop'.

This series evolved from the love of storytelling since my early childhood. My grandmother, a spellbinding raconteur, regularly came to dinner. Listeners gathered around the table, leaned in, and savored every word. Her verbal images were vivid and captivating. She was a great communicator who was able to connect with many people through her tales. She inspired me to want to tell stories in my own way. - Carol Zimny

Carol Zimny's collages have been featured in exhibitions in cultural centers, including the Wantagh Public Library in Wantagh, New York. Her work is in numerous private collections throughout New York. and Carol Zimny Copyright 2007-2016. All Rights Reserved.